About Us

We raised Myotonic Goats for several years, and that was so much fun. We decided to sell them to concentrate on the other business that we have and our hobbies. Keeping a farm going and a brick and mortar business took so much time that we never had time to smell the roses, so to speak. We did keep 5 of our goats as pets only, just because we enjoyed them so much. They are pictured in the gallery on the animal page. We also kept our one mini donkey, and a few chickens and turkey’s, (nothing like fresh eggs). With fewer animals we find we have even more time to spend with them so they are completely spoiled rotten.

The selling of the farm animals has been both happy and sad at the same time. We do miss them, but we find that we have a lot more time to enjoy the world around us. Travel has become possible, seeing new places and doing new things. Something not easy to accomplish when there are 40 goats and a 100 chickens that need feed and water daily. It is so hard to find people that will be willing to babysit a farm so that you are able to travel.

I hope all who visit this website enjoy the hobby pictures that I have posted, I know that they are not professional but they give me enjoyment to capture. I hope to add new galleries of landscapes and more as I have a little more time to see and photograph the world around me. Thank you so much for visiting our site. Don’t forget to “Stop and Smell The Roses”.